Shampoo & Body Wash Kubes for Normal Hair - Mini Pack of 3

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Help to reduce single use plastic in the bathroom by switching to these exciting new cubes of shampoo and body wash that come in a travel size card box. Each Kube contains natural, hair and skin loving ingredients and gentle, biodegradable cleansing agents to leave hair and skin feeling incredibly soft and cleansed. Being unisex, these Kubes can be used by all the family, thus saving vital space in the bathroom as well as reducing plastic waste. They are also great for air travel as they will save on packing space are not subject to liquid restrictions.

Just crumble a Kube in the palm of the hand, add a couple of drops of water to create a paste and massage into wet hair and body to create a luxurious lather. This lather can be used as a body wash. For best results, take two Kubes into the shower and crumble one at a time.

The shampoo and body wash Kubes for normal hair are made with a unique formula containing organic coconut milk to condition the hair and skin, and an uplifting infusion of lemongrass, cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils.

Produced in Cornwall UK using natural and organic ingredients. Hand mixed and made into individual Kubes and packed by hand into recyclable cardboard boxes lined with biodegradable paper.

Free from sulphates and palm oil. Vegan friendly.

Box contains 3 Kubes so is perfect for trying them out or for when travelling.

Box measures approximately 2cm x 2cm x 5cm.


2017 was a year in which the world started to wake up to the damaging effects that plastic is having on our environment.

Parent company of Beauty Kubes, Eve of St. Agnes, is an award-winning natural beauty brand based in Cornwall who in 2017 made the decision to remove all plastic bottles from their product ranges. The brand wanted to go a step further and eradicate all plastic from their products, which is when the concept of Beauty Kubes was born.

After launching Beauty Kubes in February 2018, explosive success meant that in the May the brand had to move to bigger premises to keep up with demand. They chose Tregath Business Park, a sustainable business centre near Camelford, Cornwall where the electricity is powered by both wind turbine and solar panels. The brand are very proud of the fact that all the electricity used to make Beauty Kubes comes from sustainable energy sources.