A Wash Revolution - Soap Travel Tin

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This handy travel tin has been specially designed to transport a soap bar on overnight stops, weekends away and holidays to protect it from getting squashed or damaged and breaking or crumbling inside a washbag. The tin is not suitable for storing in the shower however, or anywhere where it will get excessively wet as rustage may occur.

Measures approximately 10cm wide x 10cm long x 4.5cm high.
Founders Andrew and Jen had the idea for Primal Suds after taking the decision to move away from conventional soap products and make their own. That way they knew exactly what was going onto their skin and being absorbed by their bodies. The young brand's aim was to make natural soaps affordable and obtainable for people wanting to leave synthetic and additive-pumped soaps behind.

The name Primal Suds came from the idea of taking soap making back in time, using the historic hot process method with activated charcoal. This method is not just beneficial for its deep cleansing qualities, but also an affirmation to ancient soap makers for mixing fats with fire ash and developing the first soaps known to man, which happened to be free of unearthly additives as well.

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