Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablet - Single

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Help reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste by switching to soluble cleaning tablets that contain concentrated active ingredients for sustainably cleaning your home.

Most standard bottles of household cleaners contain over 90% water. Cleaning tablets are simply concentrated cleaning products in a small, space-efficient form without the water. They are eco-friendly because they reduce CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of heavy, bulky bottles and sprays by as much as 96%.

Simply unwrap the tablet, pop it into a spray bottle, add 500ml of tap water and watch it sizzle and change colour! This process can take up to 5 minutes until the tablet is completely dissolved. The result is an effective liquid cleaner that holds its cleaning power for at least 6 months.

This single Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablet turns the water pink and has a floral scent. It is recommended for use on kitchen worktops (granite, quartz, laminate, Corian, Formica), stovetops, range hoods, tiled walls, sinks, stainless steel, and grills. Not suitable for use on marble, natural stone or wood.

Produced in Scandinavia and central Europe. The tab packaging and outer packaging are made of paper so can be easily recycled in with household paper waste.

Vegan friendly.

Tablet measures approximately 0.5cm high x 2cm diameter.  Optimised to make 500ml of cleaning fluid.

The idea for Skosh came about when three Swedish Lund University graduates who met during their Masters in Business had the common goal of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Simon, Max and Tom took part in an innovation competition to find a way to reduce plastic waste and consumption around the world.

They realised that household cleaning products were serious offenders. Not only do disposable bottles contribute to unnecessary plastic consumption, but the products also take up space and are heavy when shipped. That seemed unnecessary when the main ingredient of cleaning products – water - is something we all already have at home in our taps.

The lads won the competition and, with the help of Lund University and leading chemists in the cleaning products industry, developed the idea into a finished product. And Skosh was born!

The name Skosh originates from Japanese, meaning "a little bit", which supports the company vision of making the world more sustainable one Skosh at the time.