How To Make A Difference - Kate & Ella Robertson

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This 238 page hard back book written by the Co-founder and Managing Director of One Young World, is a practical roadmap to modern day activism. Includes advice on 'How to Change the Law', 'How to Protest', 'How to Use Social Media Effectively', 'How to End a Problem Forever' and 'How to Change a Big Organisation', this book educates as much as it encourages and informs us all to see the world as something that can and must be changed.

The book features advice and guidance from world-chancing activists such as Sir Bob Geldof, Emma Watson and Fatima Bhutto, who have used their voices, their networks and their abilities to change communities, companies and countries.

Printed and bound in the UK.

Measures approximately 15.5cm wide x 24cm long x 2.5cm high.

Bound and printed in the UK.