Dish Washing Bar - Lemon Syllabub

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This beautifully scented, lemon syllabub dish washing bar cuts through dirt and grease, leaving glassware, cutlery, pots and pans clean and sparkling - and it really does smell like a delicious lemon syllabub!

For best results, apply to a natural sponge or loofah, working up into a lather. Apply directly to kitchen items or agitate in a bowl of hand hot water to form a foamy bath for the dishes. Reapply to the sponge as and when required.

Handmade in Totnes, Devon from natural, biodegradable ingredients that are 100% safe and free from toxins, SLS, SLES and palm oil. Wrapped in recyclable greaseproof paper and packaged in a kraft paper band with instructions.

Vegan friendly.

Due to the hand made nature of this product, each bar will be slightly different in size and weight.

Measures approximately 7cm wide x 6.5cm high x 3cm thick. Approximately 175g.
Founder Lucy de Rosa developed the Planet Detox range out of exasperation and a sense of outrage. Exasperated by the unnecessary chemical overload in cleaning products and outraged by the marketing methods used to get the public to purchase these damaging products. She banned them from her household and decided to look into the chemistry of cleaning, and researched the 'tried and tested' methods and ingredients from the past.

The first product Lucy developed was the cleaning bar. She experimented with the ingredients and chose only natural minerals and oils which were biodegradable and totally harmless to the waterways, soils, flora and fauna, human beings and Planet as a whole. She chose essential oils that were naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal, and the whole sensory effect whilst using the products made cleaning a therapeutic experience for her!

Today Planet Detox has developed a range of ethical cleaning products which have totally annihilated the need for any plastic packaging. Everything they produce is packaged only in reusable, recyclable and compostable paper.

Start making the household cleaning a chore you can begin to look forward to!