Lemon Fresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner Sheets - Pack of 30

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Help reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste by switching to multi-purpose cleaner sheets that contain concentrated active ingredients for sustainably cleaning your home.

The sheets dissolve easily in hot or cold water and have a strong, effective cleaning power that is completely natural. Fragranced with naturally antibacterial lemon essential oil, the unique, plant-based formulation makes each sheet totally biodegradable and truly a much kinder and safer option for the environment.

Simply pop one sheet in a bottle, add water and shake for two minutes until fully dissolved; or submerge in hot or cold water in a bucket or bowl using one sheet per 500-750ml. Great for washing up, and for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, windows and floors. No need to buy different cleaning products for every room in the house, these cleaning sheets do it all. They can even be used in place of dishwasher tablets; simply fold one or half a sheet in the tablet drawer and your dishes will be clean and sparkly!

Designed in the UK and produced in Europe from natural biodegradable ingredients that are kind to the environment and marine life. Packaged in a simple paper envelope that is completely recyclable.

Always handle with dry hands. Store in a cool dry place away from damp conditions.

Palm oil free. Vegan friendly.

Contains 30 multi-purpose cleaner sheets each measuring approximately 7cm wide x 11cm long. Pack measures approximately 16cm wide x 24cm long.

Also available in smaller packs of 10 sheets - a perfect way to try out the product and make the switch!

Made from water (extracted during manufacturing), naturally derived surfactants from coconut oil and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). PVA is an extremely common binding agent often used in contact lens solutions and eye drops. It is created from plants and is non-toxic and safe for humans, animals, and marine life. When made wet it dissolves into a non-harmful monomer and does not shred microplastics.


Switching to multi-purpose cleaner sheets is a more sustainable approach to household cleaning. They help reduce CO2 emissions caused by the transportation of heavy, bulky bottles and sprays and reduce the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill every day.

Multi-purpose cleaner sheets are free from palm oil and are very easy to transport and use.


Simple Living Eco is based in the UK. The sheets are currently manufactured in Europe however the brand is setting up its own production unit in the UK during 2021/22.


Coconut oil extract, lemon extract, citric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.
Simple Living Eco is a British family run business based in the north of England offering eco-friendly and effective laundry detergent and household cleaning sheets.

The idea for Simple Living Eco came when Founders Dan and Diane discovered the need for an alternative to mainstream detergents due to their young daughter developing dry skin and rashes from her clean clothes. After becoming more aware of what was in mainstream detergents, they switched to some gentler liquid detergents which helped her skin, but were difficult to travel with.

Dan and Diane realised that a more compact and lightweight solution was needed that had the same cleaning power as mainstream detergents just without the harsh chemicals. So Diane spent the next two years developing formulations and finding a manufacturer to make the concentrated sheets she was looking for. The result is an ultra-compact, easy to use and effective cleaning solution suitable for use in hot or cold water that is 100% biodegradable.