Natural Stain Remover Bar

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This stain removal stick is made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients so is the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to chemical detergents and stain removers widely available on the market. The stick will not discolour clothes or fabrics, and is effective on grass stains, red wine, ketchup, blood, grease, collars and cuffs, and so much more. Even the most stubborn stains are washed away. There are no artificial dyes or perfumes, just the fresh, clean scent of natural eucalyptus and the deodorising power of litsea.

To remove fabric stains, moisten the material and apply wet bar directly to stain to create suds on both sides of the fabric, and then wash as directed.

For carpets and upholstery, wet bar and rub into a sponge, apply soapy sponge directly onto stain, remove excess suds with damp cloth and allow to dry.

Made in the UK from 100% natural, ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients. Free from palm oil, SLS’s, parabens, artificial fragrances, mineral oil and artificial additives. Packaged in a paper sleeve.


Bottle measures approximately 15cm high x 7.5cm diameter.



Made from 100% natural, ethically sourced, cruelty free ingredients.

The organic soapnuts used to make this product are wildcrafted (forest-grown) and have not been planted on cleared or stripped land. These soapnuts do not contribute to deforestation in any way. Only a small percentage (under 5%) of the world's total supply of soapnuts are used.


Created by hand in small batches at a London workshop which is a dedicated vegan and gluten free kitchen and workspace.


Certified vegan by the Vegan Society.


Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Canolate, Glycerine, Soya Oil, Aqua, Litsea Cubeba Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Borax.

Living Naturally was established in 2009 after the founders were introduced to Soapnuts as a possible solution to eczema.  They began using them in their laundry and to clean everything in the house, and when they saw the eczema getting better, they realised how amazing these ancient soapy fruits were!