Vegetable Brush - Plant Based Bristles

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Get veggies clean with this handy vegetable brush made from natural, sustainable materials. It features two different types of bristles - soft Tampico fibres and tough Union fibres for thorough and effective cleaning.

Tampico fibre is obtained from the leaf ribs of two Agave species of succulent native to Mexico. It has high elasticity and good water absorption.

Union is a blend of Tampico and Bassine, a stiff, coarse fibre made from the leaf ribs of the Palmyra palm, native to India and Sri Lanka.

Key features include:-

Oiled FSC certified beechwood handle
Natural plant based bristles
Soft and coarse bristles for effective cleaning
Plastic free

Made responsibly in Germany. Please note this product does not come with any packaging.

At the end of its life this brush can be recycled. The bristles can be removed with pliers/scissors and composted, and the beechwood can either be upcycled, cut up for use as kindling or taken to a recycling centre where it will be made into woodchips/mulch.

Vegan friendly.

Approximately 13.5cm long.
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