Rice Husk Insulated Cup - Coral - 400ml

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This insulated travel cup's twin-walled design means it can hold a medium to-go hot drink and keep it at an optimum temperature for up to 90 minutes, whilst protecting hands from intense heat. It features a convenient flip top leak resistant lid for easy drinking whilst out and about, which also doubles as a useful carry handle when the cup is empty between uses. The non-slip base and cool coral colour makes it a stylish sustainable gift to help reduce the amount of single use cups currently being sent to landfill every day.

Designed in Britain and responsibly made in China from two layers of rice husk which is bound with a tiny amount of polypropylene. As China is one of the largest rice producers in the world, it has an abundance of rice husk which can cause negative environmental impact as it is currently burnt or buried. The factory in China is approved by SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). Comes with a recycled paper swing tag detailing the eco credentials of the product.

Melamine, BPA and silicone free. Biodegradable, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Hand wash only.

Approximately 15cm high x 8.5cm diameter at widest point. Base of cup measures 6.5cm diameter.

400ml/14oz approximately.

The cups are predominantly produced from rice husk which is bound with polypropylene. This is because its environmental impact is among the lowest of any material, synthetic or traditional, and is produced from natural polyolefin resins which allow it to breakdown and biodegrade. The white, flip top handle is polypropylene and is biodegradable.

Rice husks are a by-product of mass production that would otherwise be discarded. Rice has been a staple in so many cuisines around the world for centuries, and it is not a well known fact that when the rice is harvested, the disposal of the husks is an issue for the world of agriculture. They are either being burned which pollutes the air and destroys the surrounding nature and wildlife, or buried, which leaves no room for the rest of the farmers' crops to grow and can negatively affect soil rotation. China is currently drowning in rice husks they don’t know what to do with.


In recent years we have all become more aware of the impact of the disposable culture we live in and would like to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Bringing your own re-usable cup for your take away drinks will help go towards reducing the amount of single use cups sent to landfill each year, as 99% are not recyclable!

Disposable paper cups contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling extremely rare. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world - that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet!
Founders Lisa & Luke had the idea for Huski Home after being inspired by their son Leo, who was appointed to be an eco-warrior at school. Leo started to question his parents on changes they could make at home to become more sustainable and reduce waste. This led them to research and develop products that could make a real difference. They found that in the UK alone, we use 7 million disposable coffee cups every day, amounting to around 2.5 billion every year, of which 182 million ends up on our streets and in our oceans.

Following this initial research, Lisa & Luke took the decision to develop their designs using bi-products, feeling they were under-utilised and could solve an issue without creating a new one, or exhausting existing resources.

After a year of research and development, the Huski Home rice husk travel cups were born.