Stars Organic Cotton Insulated Lunch Bag

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This multi-coloured stars print insulated lunch bag is made from thick, GOTS certified organic cotton canvas and is perfect for lunch or snacks.  The inside contains insulating felt and a polyester liner which has a thin polyurethane coating to make it water resistant.  It also has a handy ID card holder and has an easy and secure velcro fastening.

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton through a women’s co-operative in India.  The co-operative gives the opportunity of work to women, allowing them to achieve gender equity and to feel truly empowered. 

Can be machine washed however to keep it looking its best we recommend spot cleaning or hand washing. Line dry.

25cm high x 15cm wide x 13cm deep.

Keep Leaf was founded by Jaswinder Sahl, a mother from Toronto with a passion for textiles and design.  With a growing concern for our environment and a compelling desire to reduce her carbon footprint, Jas promptly began developing products that facilitate the now imperative, environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Keep Leaf is based on her belief that you do not have to compromise on quality and style to observe responsible, sustainable practices and the result is a range of speciality reusable products that are premium quality, modern, chic, easy to use and well priced. Jas knows that in order for consumers to choose reusable over the convenience of disposable, the reusable product must entice with more than just its green credentials.

Asked what makes Keep Leaf’s products unique, Jas points to the company’s playful aesthetic. “That’s what really sets Keep Leaf apart,” she said. “There is a sense of fun to it. There’s lots of colour. It’s very stylish. With our new products, we’re continuing that philosophy – to make sure that going green is not boring. That it’s fun and chic.”

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