Reusable Bamboo Straw - Single

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Help eliminate the millions of plastic straws used every day with this handy reusable straw made from sustainable, organically grown bamboo. Ideal for cold summer drinks, fruit smoothies and dinner party cocktails.

Please note: Because the straw is made from natural bamboo, it will need washing before first use. If there is any pith on the inside of the straw, it can be brushed out and then washed. Pith is totally natural and edible so should not cause concern. 

Please note that because these straws are made from natural bamboo cane, the size can vary in width from 7mm diameter to 13mm diameter.

Straw length approximately 20cm.

One supplied.


Made from organic bamboo. The producers only use water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives and all products are hand sanded and finished using a food-safe oil produced from vegetable oils and waxes.


bambu is committed to the fair treatment of workers, promoting healthy communities and preserving the environment. The utensils are made in China by a co-operative where the craftspeople are involved in setting the pricing levels.


miracle plant bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and is an endlessly renewable resource - growing new shoots from its root system after being harvested. It thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers, takes in greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent trees.

Bambu are makers of handcrafted products for the home including bowls, boards & utensils.  Their products come from nature and their ideas are inspired by the materials they work with - and crafted in a way that supports sustainable business practices.