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Cork Fabric Coffee/Pint Sleeve - Dark Brown

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This dark brown, reusable cup sleeve is perfect for either hot drinks or a cold pint whilst reducing paper waste.  Made from durable, cork fabric which is anti-microbial, water and stain resistant and gets even softer and more pliable over time. Because harvesting cork does not harm the tree, it is a perfect renewable natural resource.

Fits most size cups and straight pint glasses.

Approximately 8cm diameter at the top, tapering to 7cm diameter at the bottom.

Hand wash and wipe dry.


Bambu is committed to the fair treatment of workers, promoting healthy communities and preserving the environment. The cork range is made in China by a co-operative where the craftspeople are involved in setting the pricing levels.


Cork is renewable and biodegradable, one of nature’s most remarkable resources. The bark of a cork tree is sustainably harvested every 10-12 years. It quickly regenerates and the tree continues to flourish, generally improving the tree’s health and vitality. The tree plays a vital role in balancing the ecosystem. Cork forests are essential to preventing soil erosion, maintaining water resources and storing CO2. Cork trees live an average of 150-200 years.

Bambu are makers of handcrafted products for the home including bowls, boards & utensils.  Their products come from nature and their ideas are inspired by the materials they work with - and crafted in a way that supports sustainable business practices.

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